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Once you visit us, you'll fall in love and want to come back as soon as possible. Mackinac Island has held a special magic for it's visitors - relaxing, revitalizing, romantic - recapturing the essence of gracious living as it was 100 years ago!

Mackinac Island Lakebluff Condos at Stonecliffe

Mackinac Island Lakebluff Condos at Stonecliffe are situated high atop the West Bluff of Mackinac Island making this location one of the best to experience the beautiful views of the Mackinac Bridge and picturesque sunsets. There are acres of bike trails, walking trails and roads throughout and around Mackinac Island. We also have a full service restaurant and historical mansion on the grounds. The dining restaurant is The Woods which is owned by the Grand Hotel and open for dinner. We are located within walking distance to the Mackinac Island Airport and are approximately one mile from the Grand Hotel and 1 1/2 miles from the downtown area of Mackinac Island, which is easily accessible by the Island horse driven taxis, bicycles or leisure walks down quiet roads of gorgeous scenery. Bicycle rentals are available downtown, keeping in mind they must be returned to the place of origin. One other note if you are a biker feel free to bring your own.

The downtown area of Mackinac Island has lots of gift stores, clothing stores, fudge shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants. There is a horse driven tour approximately an hour and a half long which takes you to the Island's historical sites. Some of these sites are the Fort Mackinac which was constructed in the late seventeen hundreds, the Governor Mansion, old cemeteries, and beautiful landmarks.

You can also rent a privately guided carriage who will take you to other points of interest that the large tour doesn't cover. For those who are adventurous you can rent your own horse driven carriage or just go horseback riding.

For the golfer we are very happy to be walking distance from the Grand Hotel's back 9-hole golf course, the Jewel. Imagine teeing off on to the fairways on top of Mackinac Island viewing the Straits of Mackinac and the Mackinac Bridge - what a panoramic shot! Of course their front 9 is placed on the hillside of the Historical Fort Mackinac and Mansions, which are situated on the bluffs above you. These views can be a distraction for the advocate golfer. There is also a Links course on top of the Island called "Wawashkamo" which means crooked path in Indian language. Both courses have club rentals.

Since the Island is only 9 miles around you can walk around its lakeshore and experience some of the most breathtaking views while you totally unwind.

One thing you must remember, the pace is slow, not like the hustle bustle of our everyday living. No cars are allowed on the Island, only horses, carriages, bicycles and foot traffic. It is like stepping back in time to the turn of the century.

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